Rodeo Ticket FAQ

Rodeo Ticket sounds great! How do I start processing my rodeo tickets through Rodeo Ticket?

The process is simple. Create your Rodeo Ticket account here, and add your rodeo. Then all you need to do is point purchase links on your rodeo website to your Rodeo Ticket sales page.

How long will it take to activate my rodeo ticket page?

You can activate your rodeo immediately if you want. Alternatively, you can choose to set a specific open date.

What is the cost of setting up ticket pages for my rodeo?

Rodeo setup is free, including many customizations!

Does Rodeo Ticket lock me into a long-term commitment?

No. We strive to keep your business by offering excellent service and low processing fees. We do not require you to make any long-term commitments in order to use our services or to get our great rates.

Can I have custom questions on my form?

Yes! Rodeo Ticket allows you to add your own custom questions. You can also customize your form colors, edit your confirmation page, and add your own messaging to your confirmation email.

I want to use Rodeo Ticket, but I already have tickets through another system. Is it possible to switch?

Of course! We can even migrate your spectators to our system, so you can manage all of your spectators with your Rodeo Ticket account. We make switching to Rodeo Ticket easy. Our team is happy to help you through the process.

Does Rodeo Ticket try to push third-party offers like magazines to my athletes?

No. We pride ourselves in having the simplest and easiest ticket sales process in the industry. We only offer what you ask us to offer.

How much are the fees?

We use a simple, no-nonsense fee structure for tickets, merchandise, and charitable donations:

  • tickets are $1.25 each plus 4.97%
  • Merchandise items are $0.50 each plus 4.97%
  • Charitable donations are $0.50 each plus 4.97%
Does Rodeo Ticket provide a way for me to sell merchandise along with tickets?

Yes. Rodeo Ticket provides an innovative merchandise system that you can leverage to sell all types of clothing and extras. As an rodeo organizer you have the power to show different items to different participants based on their selected gender and/or rodeo category.

Is it possible for me to use Rodeo Ticket to sell merchandise without tickets?

Yes. In addition to rodeo Ticket Sales, our system provides each rodeo a separate shopping cart dedicated to offering your rodeo merchandise.

Does Rodeo Ticket allow me to manage price changes for my rodeo?

Your Rodeo Ticket account allows you full access to adjust your pricing schedule for all of your rodeos.

Does Rodeo Ticket provide a solution for emailing spectators?

Yes. Your rodeo director account allows you to email your spectators at no additional cost. Keeping your spectators informed couldn’t be easier!

Is there a way that I can use Rodeo Ticket to post my rodeo results?

Rodeo Ticket allows you to upload the results from your timing company at no extra cost. When your rodeo is complete, upload the results file inside your Rodeo Ticket account. We will post the results online for you.

Does Rodeo Ticket have a fundraising platform?

Yes. Our robust fundraising solution allows your spectators to set goals of fundraising with friends and family for your charities. This can dramatically increase your rodeo's contribution to charity without costing the rodeo.

Does Rodeo Ticket have a transfers & deferrals solution for my spectators?

Yes. You can set a deadline and a transfer/deferral fee. You can determine what questions, categories, and rodeos can be changed. You can also allow transfers from one spectator to another spectator. This self service option for your spectators will save you time and effort. If you set a fee you can also increase your revenue.

Does Rodeo Ticket offer course maps?

Yes. Our FREE course map software will allow you to easily route your course and place informative icons right on the map. You can print your map, embed your map on your website, or link to it from Facebook. This map tool utilizes the Google map API that allows your spectators to zoom right down to the street level.

Does Rodeo Ticket allow spectators to purchase tickets for more than one of my rodeos at the same time?

Yes. If you have a rodeo series or multiple rodeos that you manage, your spectators will have the option of buying one ticket for multiple rodeos with one payment.

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