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Rodeo Ticket

Secure Payment Processing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mass email tool Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customizable forms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promo Codes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No 3rd-party solicitations No No Yes Yes
Support for Charity donations Yes No No Yes
Stand-Alone Shopping Yes No No Yes
Custom Reminder to ticketing purchases No No No Yes
Simple, 2-page ticket purchase No No No Yes
Incentivized Social Media Integration No No No Yes
Feature Your Sponsors No No No Yes
Automated Referral Program No No No Yes
Rodeo Specific Ticket Sales No No No Yes
Ticketing Fees $1.25 plus 6.75% $1.99 plus 5.5% $1.5 plus 5.5% $1.25 plus 4.97%

Rodeo Management Software by Rodeo Ticket - The leader of rodeo services

Rodeo Ticket includes all of the features you need to manage your rodeo ticketing at a price that your spectators prefer. No other ticketing website is easier to use for rodeo directors and spectators. Save time and increase spectators by using our wide array of rodeo solutions:

  • All of our rodeo services, including cowboy registration forms, are secured with strong SSL encryption
  • Support for multiple charitable donations and merchandise purchases during the online ticketing process. Our intelligent merchandise system empowers you to offer your spectators the items they are most likely to purchase.
  • Ability for customers to buy merchandise in a transaction without ticket purchase.
  • Mass emailer - Our simple email tool allows you to send emails to groups of spectators quickly and easily.
  • Many spectators get distracted during the online ticketing process and fail to complete their transaction. Our incomplete emailer helps you to capture these spectators through a friendly email, inviting them to return and finish their online purchases.
  • Our customized online ticketing forms enable you to ask a wide array of questions to your spectators. Collect the information that you need without the hassle imposed by other ticketing websites.
  • Our US-based support is simply the best among all rodeo services. We are happy to provide the assistance that you need.
  • No other online ticketing service offers easier check-out forms. Our simple check-out process can be reduced to as little as two pages. Easier purchase result in more spectators.
  • Do you want to offer Promo codes? No problem! Easily create, customize, and track use of your promo codes inside your rodeo director entry account.
  • Minimize distractions of your online ticketing forms. Rodeo Ticket does not distract your customers with third-party ads during the online purchase process the way other event services do.
  • Spectators like to participate with friends and family. Help your spectators to invite others to join your rodeo with Rodeo Ticket' social media integration.
  • Our referral program can turn each of your spectators into built in marketers for your rodeo.