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ADVERTISING WAIVER: The Event Resource shall hereinafter be referred to as "Client". "Race Entry" refers to Race Registration Online, LLC with a principal place of business is at 3707 Canyon Rd, Provo, UT 84604. Client’s use of Race Entry's marketing services (the “Services”) is subject to the terms set forth below (this “Agreement”) and is between Client and Race Entry. Client permits Race Entry, and persons or other organizations authorized by Race Entry, to use, publish and distribute advertising or sales promotional literature concerning the products and/or services of the Client. Client hereby waive and release any claim or right Client may otherwise have arising out of such use, publication or distribution. CLIENT HEREBY RELEASES AND WAIVES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS arising under or in relation to this transaction. Client understands that the term of this contract length cannot be shortened for any reason, and the fee for this advertising is completely non-refundable. Client understands and attests that no promise of results have been made in connection with these services.