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Trey is a PRCA Rodeo Announcer, wanting to connect with everyone. Stay up to date on what happens on the road! Trey grew up in Louisville, KY. As a small child he and his family would go to the GLCF each year. His love for rodeo began there, he had the burning desire to climb over the chutes on to the back of a bull. After riding for several years in college, the microphone took the place of his bull rope. Trey graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science, and a career path he could've never dreamed of. He has been in the PRCA for several years now, and each year his schedule grows more and more. Trey has the love and support of his family: Amber, Ollivia, and Piper. Without them he wouldn't be where he is today. 'Thank you to all my friends, family, and the man upstairs for the continued support!' Some of Trey's awards include: Midwest Cowboys Rodeo Company Announcer of the Year, 3X IRCA Finals Announcer, 3X IRBS Finals Announcer, 3X KYHSRA Finals Announcer, 1X MNHSRA Finals Announcer, 1X IFR 43 Showcase Champion Announcer

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Trey Windhorst III
Poplar Bluff, MO