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The best Rodeo Announcer you've never heard of! The world of professional rodeo isn’t an easy one. It’s a full-time commitment requiring personal sacrifice and a dedication to preparation. I began to form my work ethic at a young age, working beside my father in the automobile business. The best advice he ever gave me was to 'Never quit, always work until the work is done, no excuses, own your own successes and failures. Learn and share! If you do that you'll always come out on top'. Those ideals have allowed me many blessings. I've been honored to work with many of the most respected folks in the rodeo and entertainment field. I've traveled all over the country, worked shows both big and small. I love what I do and expect to go on doing it for a long time. Career highlights PRCA Gold Card Holder 3X PRCA Circuit Finals Announcer 20 time Northwest Pro Rodeo Association Announcer of the Year 3X Idaho Cowboys Association Announcer of the Year 19 time Northwest Pro Rodeo Association Finals Announcer 2 time Idaho Cowboys Association Finals Announcer 5 time Oregon High School Rodeo Association Finals Announcer

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Scott Allen
Merrill, OR