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Being that I was raised around rodeos, I had a ton of unique experiences where I could help contract acts perform growing up. I give all the credit to Lecile Harris, I grew up watching him entertain fans and he is one of the reasons I encouraged the idea to become a specialty act, said Michael Goobie Smith from Siloam Springs, Arkansas. It was at his hometown rodeo where Lecile impacted Michael’s life the most. Watching so many contract acts over the years influenced the unique act that kicked off Michaels second coming in rodeo. My grandfather was a rodeo announcer and my grandmother was a rodeo secretary. I rode bulls and bareback horses for a while but was not as successful as I had hoped. I always goofed around with a bunch of guys and was convinced by my peers to be start clowning.

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Michael Goobie Smith
Bullfighter & Barrelmen
Unknown, AR