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Gary has Idaho roots, being raised in Council, where he grew up. Gary is not only a rodeo announcer, but has been a high school teacher for 31 years, and was a logger for 10 years. He has rodeoed since the age of 12, contesting in the bareback and bull riding before becoming an announcer in 1981. He announces pro rodeos as well as ICA rodeos and open rodeos. Coming up through the ranks of Little Britches Rodeo, high school rodeo, and college rodeo as well as riding bareback horses in the ICA and PRCA, has given him much knowledge and experience which helps to add to his delivery of announcing rodeo to spectators at all levels. “My job is to make the contestants and the stock look good, take care of our sponsors, entertain the paying customer, and do what is asked of the committee. Board members generally donate their time to work on their rodeo from year to year and know how they want to run their rodeo. It is a tough job to do. There are so many details that need to be worked out before the rodeo even comes to town.

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Gary Rogers
Layton, UT