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Bullfighter, Clown & Barrelmen

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Singer-songwriter at Musician, Bullfighter/Barrelman/Clown at PRCA and President/CEO at Self Employed Entertainer. Hollywood Yates IS THE most recognized bullfighter. The media has embraced Hollywood for years either as the long-haired rodeo clown or the take-no-prisoners Wolf on American Gladiators -- from the rodeo arena to the red carpets in Hollywood. He has appeared on The Today Show, VH1’s Best Week Ever, Deal or No Deal, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, GAC, CMT, Access Hollywood, FOX News Happy Hour, CW11, Fox and Friends, and has also been heard across the nation through his numerous radio tours, as well as the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Radio Show, Go Country, Shade 45, Mike & Murray, and Maxim Radio. Yates has also been written about in various print articles including Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated and People Magazine and sponsored by Coors Light and Wrangler within his career.

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Don Hollywood Yates
Bullfighter, Clown & Barrelmen
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