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Whether you want to call me a performing talent with a Western Background, or a Western raised enthusiast with a performing Background, both are essential to the definition of me. I grew up in the western valleys of Colorado, horseback before I could walk, with a desire to perform before I can remember. I grew my love for both through out my life time as competing entities, two items that never mixed, even when the conflict between the two made succeeding in both increasingly difficult. I though for a while one would have to be sacrificed, so I graduated college with a degree in Vocal Performance, gave up rodeo, disconnected myself from that life and moved to Seattle. It was amazing, but a little something was missing. So I assumed the opposite needed to be sacrificed, so I returned to my roots, became a leader of multiple Western lifestyle associations and realized; a little something was missing. A request from friends to announce an event started a curiosity, which built into a hobby, which has now become the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had. I’ve performed in 10 states, worked with some of the greatest talents I’ve ever known, and have a direct connection to the out door and western life I love.

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Branden Edwards
Grand Junction, CO