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Specialty Act

Anderson's Wild West Entertainment - Rodeo Specialty Act Services

Action packed family fun. Give your fair goers a little taste of the wild west as they witness death defying stunt on horseback, trick ropers, bull whips, and trick horses. This show typically runs 25 minutes and can be done in a full size arena, or for if an arena is not available a 70' round pen may be brought in. Ever wonder how they train horses to do the tricks and stunts on TV and movies? Stuntman and horse trainer Austin Anderson offers an entertaining and educational insight behind the scenes into the world of Hollywood horses. Austin has over 30 TV and film credits and introduces you to horses who have appeared on shows such as Sleepy Hollow and NCIS. Learn how Austin teaches his horses to bow, march, and even fetch! The audience gets involved with Q&A sessions and photo opps with the horses.

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Austin Anderson
Specialty Act
Troup, TX