Stagecoach Days Power Up For Rodeo Christmas Light Parade - 2022

Rules and Regulations

Thank you for your interest in the Banning Stagecoach Days Parade. Below are the general rules and regulations for your review:

1.You must agree to follow the rules and direction for the parade committee.

2.Please make sure your application is complete and paid.

3.Due to the danger of physical injury, insurance requirements and littering problems, all parade participants are discouraged from throwing anything from their entry. Do not in any fashion encourage spectators to come onto the parade route. Any flyers must be handed out at the sidewalk

4.If you need music to be played by the announcer at the judge’s booth, your music selection must be no longer than 1 minute (causing your entry to stop for only 1 minute in front of the judges on the parade route). You must notify the Parade Chair a week in advance in order to be accommodated.

5.All entries are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the parade. No stopping unless directed by the parade committee member or at designated performance areas. The parade committee will assist in maintaining a consistent flow of traffic for the duration of the parade. No gaps between parade entries of more than 20 feet.

6.The Stagecoach Days Association does not accept responsibility for traveling expenses, food, or lodging of any entry.

7.Check in opens at 3:00 pm on Saturday, December 17th and will close promptly at 4:30 PM. Entries MUST be checked in prior to this time. Participant check-in will be determined at a later date and emailed to you.

8.Your parade entry number will be distributed at the registration table, the morning of the parade, upon check-in.

9.Absolutely no political statement may be made on your entry. Violation of this will result in immediate removal from the parade. ALL FLOATS and vehicles with decorations must carry a fire extinguisher.

10.The awards ceremony will take place at Banning Chamber of Commerce, located at 60 E Ramsey St Ste C at 7:30 PM.

11.Deadline for entry into the parade is December 10, 2022. No entry applications will be accepted after this date.

12. A copy of insurance must be sent prior to parade day for any motorized entries. You may email copy to Please email any questions to parade_stagecoachdays@yahoo.com



As consideration for my entry in this parade, I do hereby release, discharge and forever hold harmless, the Banning Stagecoach Days, it’s members or agents, and the owners or managers of the locations where any part of this parade is held, from all manner of actions, suits, proceedings, damages, claims and demands whatsoever in law or equity from acts negligently, intentionally, or criminally, which I have or may have, or which my heirs, executors or administrators can, shall or may have for any reason, matter, or cause whatsoever from this day forward. I have read this agreement and application for entry and know and understand its contents and agree to its terms.

By checking the box I agree to everything that I have read above.

WAIVER: I, the undersigned participant (and my parent or guardian if I am younger than 18 years of age), intending to be legally bound, do hereby forever release and waive any and all rights, claims, and actions for damages that we, our heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns may have, or that may hereafter accrue against any and all persons, organizations, and other entities associated with the event, including, but not limited to Rodeo Ticket, sponsors, affiliates, volunteers, , and individual Stagecoach Days Power Up For Rodeo Christmas Light Parade organizers, arising out of or in connection with my involvement before, during, or after the event.

I verify that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this event and I assume the risks involved in this activity. I further attest that I will be mindful of hazards around the event, and hold said sponsors and organizers blameless in any harm that may happen.

I consent to the collection and use of my Personal Information as contained in the Privacy Policy. I also give my permission for the free use of my name and/or pictures in telecasts, broadcasts, newspapers, posters, advertising, etc.

I also acknowledge understanding that the charge to my card will show up as Rodeo Ticket I acknowledge that the online processing fees and charitable donations are non-refundable. I also acknowledge that any charitable donations will have 4.97% withheld from the donation to pay credit card and administrative costs.

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Rodeo Ticket facilitates registration for various events, some of which allow participants under the age of thirteen (13). We require a submission of birth date for all registration entries. For children under the age of thirteen (13), parental or guardian consent is required.

You agree that the statutes and laws of the State of Utah, USA, will apply to all matters relating to this Agreement and Waiver. You irrevocably consent that exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute with Rodeo Ticket relating to this Agreement and Waiver resides in the courts of Utah, and you further agree and expressly consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction in the courts of Utah in conjunction with any such dispute including any claim involving Rodeo Ticket .